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Preset Name Algorithm Use With DLs Author Description
EDGE Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 169 metro6audio
SHIMMERZZZZZZZZ (Timeline Ice) Shimmer H9, Space 155 metro6audio
Subterranean Homesick Alien (Radiohead) DualVerb H9, Space 150 actioncamp Les Paul > H9 > Fender Twin Reverb Reverb B is darker and slightly ahead of A. On the record... More...
Falsom Prison EQ EQ Compressor H9 146 badmelonfarmer
Pedal Steel H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 143 lordradish
RV-5 Hall H9, Space 139 willem
Beautiful Exchange Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 135 metro6audio
Stacy's Mom EQ Compressor H9 132 jgoldbach
ANOTHER BRICK 2 Digital Delay H9, TimeFactor 130 willem
AT THE CROSS DAMP Hall H9, Space 128 metro6audio
COME AS YOU ARE Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 126 metro6audio
O PRAISE THE NAME SpaceTime H9 121 metro6audio
ORGANIZER H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 120 metro6audio
BINSON LONG Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 118 willem
Analog Delay Vintage Delay H9, TimeFactor 116 jgoldbach
WHITE ROOM Q-Wah H9, ModFactor 116 jgoldbach
OPEN UP THE HEAVENS Tape Echo H9, TimeFactor 115 metro6audio
SYNTHON Synthonizer H9, PitchFactor 115 metro6audio
Blues Honk EQ Compressor H9 114 badmelonfarmer
DD-5 Clean H910 H949 H9, PitchFactor 114 jgoldbach
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