One Pedal to Rule them All

Every guitar pedal you need in one pedal, the H9 Harmonizer® is full of Eventide’s iconic reverb, chorus, delay, modulation and pitch-shifting effects. The award-winning design of the H9 Harmonizer features a simple, one-knob user interface which allows easy effect editing and preset selection. Two onboard footswitches let you change presets, tap tempo, and bypass with your feet during live performance.

The H9 offers studio quality sound, stereo I/O and full MIDI compatibility. With the free H9 Control app for PC, Mac and iOS, you can purchase additional algorithms, create set lists, edit and manage presets wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB.
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The H9 can run all of the effect algorithms from our TimeFactor (delay), ModFactor (modulation), PitchFactor (pitch shifting), and Space (reverb) pedals as well as some created just for the H9.

  • True analog bypass
  • Real-time MIDI control
  • Power supply included
  • MIDI via DIN and USB
  • Fast accurate tuner included
  • Expression pedal and AUX footswitch input
  • Sync to the beat with tap tempo or MIDI


Compare H9 Models

H9 MaxH9 MAX

Preloaded with 49 effect algorithms and 99 presets. Over 500 presets available via the H9 Control app. H9 MAX includes all future algorithm releases at no additional cost.

H9 Exclusive:

  • UltraTap Delay
  • Resonator
  • EQ Compressor
  • CrushStation
  • SpaceTime
  • Sculpt

From Space:

  • Shimmer
  • Hall
  • Blackhole
  • Spring
  • Plate
  • Room
  • MangledVerb
  • Tremoloverb
  • ModEchoVerb
  • DualVerb
  • DynaVerb
  • Reverse Reverb

From PitchFactor:

  • Crystals
  • H910/H949
  • Diatonic
  • MicroPitch
  • Quadravox
  • PitchFlex
  • Octaver
  • Harpeggiator
  • Synthonizer
  • Harmodulator

From ModFactor:

  • Chorus
  • Phaser
  • Q-Wah
  • Flanger
  • ModFilter
  • Rotary
  • TremoloPan
  • Vibrato
  • Undulator
  • RingMod

From TimeFactor:

  • Tape Echo
  • Vintage Delay
  • Digital Delay
  • Mod Delay
  • Ducked Delay
  • Band Delay
  • Filter Pong
  • MultiTap
  • Reverse
  • Looper

H9H9 Harmonizer®

Preloaded with 9 effect algorithms and 99 presets. Additional effects available for purchase via the H9 Control app.

- Every H9 Harmonizer comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download.

- Every H9 Harmonizer can be MAX'd out at any time.

Learn About MAXOut Program

H9 Exclusive:

  • UltraTap Delay

From Space:

  • Shimmer
  • Hall

From PitchFactor:

  • Crystals
  • H910/H949

From ModFactor:

  • Chorus
  • TremoloPan

From TimeFactor:

  • Tape Echo
  • Vintage Delay

H9 CoreH9 CORE

Preloaded with 25 presets from the original H910 / H949 Harmonizers. Additional effects available for purchase via the H9 Control app. 

- Every H9 CORE comes with a coupon for a free algorithm download.

- Every H9 CORE can be Max'd Out at any time.

Learn About MAXOut Program

From PitchFactor

  • H910/H949







There are 49 effect algorithms available for H9 that include reverbs, delays, pitch-shifting, chorus and distortion effects. While the H9 is capable of running bread-and-butter effects like Tape Echo or Spring, there are also numerous combination effects like Mod Delay (modulation and delay) and ModEchoVerb (modulation, echo and reverb). The combinations of these effects and parameters can used to create unique and original sounds that wouldn't otherwise be possible with single effects. 

Every H9 comes preloaded with presets to give you an idea of what is possible with each unique algorithm and of course you can create your own. An example would be Bridge of Sighs — a preset created using the Digital Delay algorithm that combines a stereo delay effect with modulation.  Another example is Fra Diavolo — a preset created using the CrushStation algorithm that combines overdrive, octave shift, noise gate, compressor and sag. 

Featured Algorithms


Sculpt Distortion Algorithm

Sculpt is a multi-band distortion algorithm that gives you a degree of control that would otherwise require 3 or 4 pedals or complex plug-ins. Sculpt does this by carving the audio signal into high and low frequency bands and then allowing different levels of gain and filtering for each. This multi-band approach has been used by professionals in the studio and on stage for many years. Now it's available to anyone with an H9.

  Spacetime Algorithm

SpaceTime is a multi-effects algorithm combining Modulation, two Delays, and Reverb into one, easy to use effect. The Delays are based on Eventide’s Vintage Delay algorithm from the TimeFactor pedal and the Reverb section draws from both the Plate algorithm in the SPACE pedal, as well as Eventide’s UltraReverb plug-in. Unique to SpaceTime is the ability to route the Delays and Reverb in series or parallel after modulation.

  CrushStation Distortion Algorithm

CrushStation turns the H9 into an overdrive command center with unprecedented control of the effect with results ranging from buttery saturation to crushing assault. Control features include the usual suspects: Drive, Sustain, multi-band EQ. Plus control over unique features like Sag, Octaves and Grit that take the overdrive effect beyond the norm.


Artists Using H9

Annie Clark
St. Vincent
Brad Whitford
Aerosmith, Whitford St. Holmes
Carl Broemel
My Morning Jacket
Dave Weiner
Steve Vai
Doug Wimbish
Living Colour
Dweezil Zappa
Dweezil Zappa Plays Frank Zappa
Jean Luc Ponty
Jon Anderson, Allan Holdsworth, Bela Fleck
Mark Mangini
Mad Max Fury Road, Raiders of the Lost Ark
Richard Devine
Schematic Records
Rik Simpson
Coldplay, Jay-Z
Robin Finck
Nine Inch Nails, Guns N' Roses
Stephen Carpenter
Stu Brooks
Dub Trio, Matisyahu, Pretty Lights, 50 Cent, Lady Gaga, Peeping Tom, Dr. John
Suzanne Ciani
Tony Visconti
Bowie, T. Rex
Vance Powell
Jack White, Sputnik Sound
Vernon Reid
Living Colour
Young the Giant
Young the Giant
Albert Hammond Jr.
The Strokes
Andee Blacksugar
Black Sugar Transmission, Peter Murphy
Daniel Donato
Danny Gomez
Brian May (Queen), Toxic Productions
David Barry
Cher, The Voice, Janet Jackson
Dr. Dubenstein
Steel Pulse
Drew ofthe Drew
Eliot Sumner
Eliot Sumner, I Blame Coco
Eric Krasno
Soullive & Lettuce, Stephen Colbert
Erin Tonkon
David Bowie, Holy Holy, Esperanza Spalding
Jordi Martinez Guals
Julie Slick
Adrian Belew Power Trio
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Maddie Rice
Stay Human, Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Drew ofthe Drew
Martha Mooke
Scorchio Quartet
Nobuki Takamen
Norbert 'Nono' Krief
Reid Johnson
Kelsea Ballerini
Roy "Futureman" Wooten
The Flecktones
Samuel Hällkvist
Scott Appleton
Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, KD Lang, Styx, The B-52s & Peter Frampton
Son Little
The Roots, Hezekiah, Hot Sugar
Teddy Kumpel
Loopestra, "Temple Grandin"
Tim Schoenhals
Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry
Vince Watson
Adrian Sherwood
Billy Courtman
The Wolfpack, Billy Courtman Trio, Bayou Boys
Just Alliance
Mat Walerian
The Uppercut, Jungle, Toxic, Okuden
Mike Kerr
Pasku Frutos
Unrisen Queen
Tyler Morris

H9 Awards


The reverb, delay, modulation, pitch shifting, and compression sounds are truly studio quality, and especially impressive in stereo....everything else is superb...It didn’t take long for me to see the beauty of the software and the control it offers over the pedal. 
Russ Loeffler
Harmony Central
For both gigging and studio guitarists, the H9 Max might be the only effects pedal you'll ever need. No more hauling around a bag or pedal board of effects and spaghetti mess of cords.
Guitar Tricks
Of all the new H9-specific algorithms, this SpaceTime is by far and away my favorite to date.  SpaceTime is essentially a little pedalboard of time-based effects crammed into one algorithm.
Fletcher Stewart
Tone Report
"CrushStation will take you from the depths of molten metal to smooth creamy slightly overdriven tube tones...applications for the H9 Max are unlimited. Being able to ditch my entire pedal board for a single stomp is amazing."
Bruce G Owens Jr
"With all of these new algorithms and more on the way, the H9 becomes a better and better value every day. With the H9 Max, your initial investment pays more and more dividends over time...
Mike Metlay, Paul Vnuk Jr., and Alex Hawley
Recording Magazine
Occasionally, a product comes along that can be referred to as ‘game changer’.
Rich Tozzoli
Ask Audio
About the only thing the H9 max can’t do is cook dinner, but that’s okay, as you’ll be having so much fun exploring it effect that you’ll forget to eat.
David Bryce
All of the 45 algorithms sound stunning with ‘best in class’ sound quality and a pretty much unlimited range of creative options for sculpting unique sounds.
Tom Quayle
Guitar Interactive magazine
The fully loaded H9 Max is by far the best bargain in professional- and studio-quality effects ever offered by a stomp box-format effect unit, providing literally hundreds of effects with superb sound. Read more...
Chris Gill
Guitar World
Exploring things like Reverse delay, Pitch Undulator, Resonator, and the cool Looper, I realized there were many algorithms I might never have considered without the opportunity to spend some serious time with them.
Michael Ross
Guitar Moderne
One of the most ambitious and brilliantly executed musical instruments ever released. The H9 is more than a simple effects unit and will become an invaluable creative companion for guitarists, performers, producers, DJ’s, and anyone else who makes music… period.
Gabriel Tanaka
Best Guitar Effects
It is like having the power of Steve Vai, Eddie VanHalen, Jimmy Page and Vernon Reid in the palm of your hand.
Bruce G Owens Jr
The latest addition to Eventide's stompbox range has the chameleon-like ability to emulate all of its siblings! The sound quality is impeccable... and the amount of care and thought that must have gone into developing the control app is impressive.
Paul White
Sound on Sound
If Hendrix were alive today, he’d toss his Fuzz Face and Octavia out the window and dive into this hip technology headfirst. Think of it as having Eddie Kramer right on your pedalboard.
Pete Brown
Vintage Guitar delivers superior delay, pitch, modulation and reverb sounds in a small package....Plugging in anything—my Tele, Les Paul, Strat, baritone, cigar box guitar, etc... delivers pure inspiration.
Pro Audio Review
The Eventide H9 produces glorious sounds that, until recently, required bulky processors costing thousands of dollars...You could twiddle its knobs for years and still find groundbreaking discoveries to take your music to the next dimension.
Joe Charupakorn
Premier Guitar

Customer Testimonials

I would just like to say that the H9 Stompbox is amazing product and has been an inspirational tool to my students I've been's been requested every session.
—Dwayne Hamilton
The upgradeable part of the H9 is a big part of its appeal. But so is the absolutely awesome software functionality, which no other pedal or manufacturer can match these days.  
—Scott McGrath
You did it again. Amazing how you can put more than 40 years of exquisite audio technology into a single stompbox...Now you have the world best effect processor in the palm of your hand.
—Arnd Hendrickx

H9 Control

H9 Control is the ultimate tool for optimizing your experience with all the Eventide stompboxes.  Use it to manage preset lists, update firmware, configure an auxilliary switch, listen to demos without hardware, backup your settings and more. H9 Control not only gives you incredible control over parameters and settings, but it encourages you to explore new sonic territory. Fold, spindle and even mutilate your sound and experience what it's like to be inspired by your gear.

H9 Control runs on Windows, Mac and iOS, connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to the H9 and using a USB cable to connect to the Space, PitchFactor, TimeFactor and Modfactor stompboxes and is available for free

Get Started with H9

Adrienne Humblet provides instruction on getting up and running with the Eventide H9 Harmonizer stompbox.



Input 1 (mono) ¼ inch mono phone jack
Input 2 ¼ inch mono phone jack
Output 1 (mono) ¼ inch mono phone jack
Output 2 ¼ inch mono phone jack
Expression Pedal ¼ inch mono phone jack
Mini USB Use 2.0 cables only
MIDI In Five pin DIN (Female)
MIDI Out/Thru Five pin DIN (Female)
AC Adapter Jack Power supply included (see below)

Analog I/O

Input Impedance 600K ohms (mono or stereo)
Output Impedance 470 ohms
Recommended Load Impedance 10K ohms or greater


Power 9VDC, 500mA, center pin(+)
Dimensons English: 5.25" (H) x 4.65" (W) x 1.96" (D)
Metric: 133 (H) x 118 (W) x 50 (D) mm
Weight 1.53lbs, 0.7kg / Retail box 3 lbs, 1.36 kg
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